Why you should concentrate on keyword optimization more than you think you should.

If you’re a business marketer or an app developer, you might already know how important it is to have app store optimization services for an app launching in the market. 

While every step in-app store optimization services are considered necessary, different aso companies focus on different services and boom in that sector. Some consider paid user acquisition campaigns to be the best, while others consider social media influencing marketing. Amongst this app store optimization services, the most important and best aso service considered by every aso marketer is keyword optimization.

Here we give you an in-depth detailed analysis of keyword optimization for your app store optimization.

Why is keyword optimization vital?

Almost 63% of apps are discovered in the app store by searching the name or the title of the app. With almost 5 million apps and big brands in the competition, the only way you can become famous and increase your app’s visibility is through keyword optimization. It clearly shows without aso services india, even with a good app in your hand, you might lose all the potential users and organic downloads.

So what exactly is keyword optimization?

Keyword optimization is a process of researching and strategically finding the right keywords for your app, which best explains its features and increasing your app search exposure.

The best part about keyword optimization is that you can decide what you want to do about it. It’s the only, and on metadata, you can control and can bring significant changes once appropriately executed.

How keyword optimization is executed in each step.

There are four main steps, which include keyword optimization. Each step includes several other subdivisions and many other processes. This overview helps you get more clarity on how keyword optimization research – step 1 is done.

Research your keywords: 

The first step in keyword optimization is researching your keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases used by the customers to search the app. Keyword research is an important and most neglected stage in keyword optimization. It helps you understand the customer’s point of view about what kind of keywords he used while searching for the app. So, it the only way to understand what people type into search engines. 

Most companies go wrong in this step, which is why 91% of apps or websites are not easily discovered in search results. 

Ok, so we understand keyword research is a crucial part of keyword optimization.

Now, when you start keyword research for your app, here’s a checklist we provide you to care for all things.

  1. Jot down all the current metadata information of your app on a spreadsheet. It helps you compare the old and the new version.
  2. Once you have an overview of all the information, now start searching for keywords relevant for your app.
  3. If you’re struggling with keywords relevant for your app, go and try searching for keywords in autosuggestion tools. They provide you with the best relevant keywords.
  4. After getting the required number of phrases, start prioritizing keywords based on the search volume, search results, app ranking, popularity, etc.
  5. Prioritized keywords can’t be necessary as many as relevant keywords.
  6. Prioritizing keywords can be done on metrics like relevancy score and keyword score. 
  7. Finally, top-ranked or starred keywords are your best keywords for optimization.


Keyword optimization can be considered as the best app store optimization service you can provide for your app. With proper app optimization, only your app can rank high and be visible to users.