How organic user acquisition helps you in the long run.

According to a survey, 65% of users download the app through app search results. It is believed by every top aso company that the remaining 35% is done through paid campaigns. But, you may be wrong; user acquisition is not necessarily disbursed. There are organic ways you can get good user acquisition rates.

Here we talk about what organic user acquisition means and how you can boost it.

User acquisition is an activity that drives new users or customers to download your app through several marketing activities. There two main activity that boosts your install rate:

  • Paid user acquisition: paid user acquisition is a type of marketing that campaigns mobile ads in social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. it involves media direct to campaign creative apps that drive the viewers to your app page. This is an essential step in-app marketing when you’re launching it because your app has no prior popularity. As time goes on, organic user acquisition helps in boosting your install rate and download velocity.
  • Organic user acquisition: organic user acquisition includes using your own media assets to boost your app download rate. This is done mainly to convert the existing users to paying customers or attracting the users through optimizing your app. 

Organic user acquisition is not as simple as paid UA, but the advantage here is you don’t get to spend as much as in paid ua campaigns. 

Organic universal campaigns mainly include creative marketing campaigns and techniques to attract customers.

How a top aso company executes its organic user acquisition:

App store optimization services:

App store optimization services are like the no. One driving factor for user acquisition. With all the campaigns that drive users to your app page, without creative app store visuals, the customers might not be attracted and convinced to download your app. With the help of keyword optimization and app content optimization, you can get more conversion rates and good download velocity.

When done right, it can change the face of any app business. 


The main factors you need to consider are:

  • Keyword optimization: focusing on using the best keywords that describe your app in the title, subtitle, long and short description, etc. it is the first influential factor for ranking your app.without proper keyword optimization, you can get lost in millions of other apps.
  • Store content optimization: using creative and eye-catchy visuals like an icon, screenshots, etc.
  • Localization is another method that is used in boosting your app without paid campaigns. When executed and optimized correctly, you can get up to a 400% boost in organic downloads and boost revenue.
  • Use smart banners and backup links to convert your app’s website users to app users. 
  • Create and maintain profiles, blogs, videos, infographics, etc. this helps attract the customers who search apps in search is the right way of driving traffic to your app store.
  • Focus on the right users. Before launching your app, analyze, and research what customers you want to target with your app and accordingly focus on marketing techniques that attract them. For instance, there are different techniques for attracting youngsters and older people. 


Organic campaigns are both effective and budget-friendly. With best aso strategy, you can boost almost 150% of downloads even when linked with paid ads.

Remember, user retention is as necessary as user acquisition.