ASO Setup to Kickstart Downloads and Improve Visibility

Many believe that launching an app is a simple method to profit. This is often not always the case. The present market condition of mobile apps isn’t a simple one to deal with or explore. In 2015, the Apple App Store had around 1000 apps launched every day, and this has not backed off. Studies demonstrate that by 2020, the Apple App Store will offer 5 million apps for its users, and for a startup that is simply intending to launch its app, this data can be unusually scary.

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There are so many ways your app can get to the top, but in that ASO is one main factor as almost 65% of your app search queries happen in app stores, we can say that users tend to search for your app in the app store search fields. 

Let us learn about ASO’s technical backend techniques:

Much the same as you deal with the metadata basis for your website’s SEO, best ASO companies deal with your app’s metadata similarly.

Keyword Research

Imagine that you are a customer and what is the most critical keyword that suits your app. The keyword ought to be significant to the main element of your application. Typically keywords are logically convincing in the application title and depiction, so it is essential to focus on these zones first. Picking a keyword is simple for certain apps, but at this point and again you ought to be progressively creative and sharp so as to find the correct keywords for your app.

Focus On Visual Factors of Your App

-> Catchy App Icon: Your application icon is the main thing users see, this is the reason you have to put a ton of efforts into structure an innovative icon. It isn’t important that the icon ought to relate your application functions, it is utilized for identifying and drawing users to your app among the various apps in the app stores. You should make a point to use a similar icon everywhere you reference your app and don’t change it regularly. This consistency causes you big time in building brand awareness and you can take the help of the best app marketing company to get your high success rate.

-> Screenshots: The screenshots show the basic UI of your app, you can use this to put some engaging texts to draw the attention of users to your app. It shows what users can expect to see when they download your app. It basically acts as an ad banner of your app in the app store As indicated by ongoing research, 60% of visitors won’t swipe past the initial two screenshots. So it is extremely important to make the most of those two screenshots. Make sure to put the best highlights of your app in the initial two screenshots.

-> Videos: It is similar to a promotion in the app store page of your application. App stores suggest including a short video in your app posting showing various functionalities of your app. Make an eye-catching video to drive installs to your application.

-> Reviews and Rating: Reviews and ratings are the common vital factors that help your app to have a better ranking in the app store listing. ASO works in various ways to improve those metrics that help your app rank higher in the search results.


Focussing on these factors to build your ASO, you can get your app the success you were always looking for. Few of the best ASO companies help you get your app in the higher positions on the app store search results.